Course Overview

Creative development, described in the simplest terms, is a two-step process. First, we form a creative interest, and, specifically, a conception of our interest -- our conception of our interest defines what we find interesting and want to explore and try to develop creatively. As we describe them, our creative interests are defined by, and define, rich conceptual structures; our conceptions of our interests are at the centers of these rich, complex structures, linking disparate elements and experiences, and integrating them conceptually. Second, we explore our creative interests and strive to develop them creatively, pursuing projects, having ideas, making discoveries and contributions. Our interests, in particular our conceptions of our interests and the conceptual structures that define our interests, act like filters, channeling our attention and responses. In particular, through mediating our responses to experiences and elements we encounter our interests specifically the rich conceptual structures that define and encode our interests spark ideas and projects we pursue. Our conceptions of our interests also guide us along our paths of development, guiding our decision-making and our exploration of our interests.

Our Workshop focuses on how to become creative & improve generation of ideas.

Other Information

Cost: $399 + HST
Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: First or Third Saturday (2PM-6PM)

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