Self Confidence

Course Overview

To help teens become more self-confident, Whizkids are offering Teen Image Development Workshop. This workshop will help young men and women, ages 14-18, achieve important social skills.

    Topics of discussion

    1. Presenting yourself with confidence
    2. Introducing yourself and others
    3. Handshaking
    4. Posture
    5. Presence
    6. Skin care
    7. Suits and professional dress for men
    8. Developing style and dressing for self respect for women
    9. Professional table manners
    10. Interview etiquette
    11. Dating etiquette for the new millennium
    12. Thank you notes
    13. Correspondence and telephone etiquette
    14. And much more
    15. Money management
    16. Image development

Other Information

Cost: $399 + HST
Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: First or Third Saturday (2PM-6PM)

For More information please call us at 1-647-748-7770 or Email us at: