Stress Management

Course Overview

The training workshop concentrates on how to maximize your effectiveness by defining expectations, establishing ground rules and gives you a new confidence. The aim of this workshop is to make you aware of your personal attitude towards stress and of the underlying causes of the stress you experience. The workshop will show you why stress management is really a matter of self-management. Thus the workshop is about managing personal values and life goals and about retrieving and developing the pillars on which your personality is built.

Following topics are covered in this one day workshop:

  1. What is stress?
    1. Definition of stress
  2. Identify and Target Sources of Stress
    1. Causes of stress
    2. Brief history of stress study tools to pinpoint stressors
  3. Cope with the Stress of Work Overload
    1. Basic skills needed to thrive
    2. Time Management
    3. Valuing Your Time
    4. Activity Logs
    5. To Do Lists
    6. Effective Planning
  4. Manage Environmental Stress
    1. Managing the background environmental
    2. stress in your life to reduce your overall
    3. stress levels (Ergonomics, Furniture, Noise, Bad Air Quality, Commuting)
  5. Reducing Stress With Rational Thinking
    1. Avoiding negative thinking (Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking & Positive Thinking, Emotional Analysis, Cognitive Restructuring, Reducing the importance of an event, Reducing uncertainty, Tapping into imagery)
  6. Building Defenses Against Stress
    1. Managing a balance between work and private life (Support Network, Exercise, Rest, Relaxation and Sleep)
  7. Avoiding Burnout
    1. Burnout is a very real threat to people in challenging and stressful jobs, as it can quickly cause the end of otherwise promising careers(Identifying burnout pressure points, Avoiding burnout, Recover from burnout)

Other Information

Cost: $399 + HST
Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: First or Third Saturday (2PM-6PM)

For More information please call us at 1-647-748-7770 or Email us at: