About Us

We're a proud Canadian company utilizing UNIQUE TEACHING METHODS, which have assisted thousands of students to develop their Core Skills. Grasping the fundamentals of is essential to the pursuit of a diversity of careers; to not develop these skills is simply to forever limit your potential and destiny in an increasingly competitive world.We provide a full range of individualized academic programs including tutorial, remedial and enrichment programs, and adult education. A maximum class size of four students ensures that learner's academic needs are specifically addressed. At Whizkids, we believe that solid skills in and overall organizational ability are fundamental requirements for success in education. Our highly structured, multi-sensory teaching approach, and warm, nurturing learning environment help ensure that students experience success in developing those skills.

Whizkids Mission Statement

We strive to be the leader in providing affordable "One-on-One" supplementary educational support and programs to students. In return for your investment, we will empower our students to develop, pursue, and achieve their educational goals. We combine straight forward learning techniques that has never, and will never be taught in a classroom. Our tutors are all professional/supply teachers who have not forgotten the pressures that came along with school and striving to perform your best on tests and assignments.
Our service is unique and fresh because we use techniques that others would never think to use. Our focus is not to re-feed information already taught in class, but to give you, the student an extra edge over other class mates by teaching you tricks and methods not taught anywhere else.

For More information please call us at 1-647-748-7770 or Email us at: hr@whizkids.ca