Anger Management

Course Overview

We recognize that negative feelings (anger, fear, sadness, etc.) are normal for all people. These feelings send valuable signals to the person experiencing them, and to others. Yet sometimes we express these feelings in ways that are damaging.

We teach skills that allow individuals to manage their feelings to avoid such damage. Our approach is educational, providing opportunities to practice in a safe environment as new techniques are learned and mastered.

The basic curriculum promotes:

  1. Self-understanding (necessary for self-control)
  2. Better relationships with others

Course Outlines

  1. Self-analysis
  2. Improving listening and self-expression
  3. Techniques for detecting and defusing negative feelings
  4. Strategies for avoiding harmful outbursts

Our workshop exposes participants to new ways of thinking and interacting positively with others that will increase peace and harmony in their lives.

Our workshops are participatory and energizing. The atmosphere is positive and non-judgmental. All of our programs utilize approaches that have proven successful over time, and that satisfy the needs of those who participate in anger management training.


Other Information

Cost: $399 + HST
Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: First or Third Saturday (2PM-6PM)

For More information please call us at 1-647-748-7770 or Email us at: