Digital Design Tutoring

Course Description

This course will help students to learn how to create and edit well designed graphics for professional use. Topics include fundamental 2D layout principles, developing vector and pixel based images for print and web, color theory, typography, graphic file formats and resolution.

Course Content

    Intro to vector graphics and the design principles

    1. Introduction to the four design principles
    2. Recognizing the use of the design principles
    3. Differences between vector-based graphics and pixel-based graphics
    4. Dot-to-dot approach
    5. Intro to the Illustrator interface
    6. Panels, tools and menus
    7. Basic selections

    Design principles and editing shapes

    1. Using Contrast
    2. Using Repetition
    3. Using Alignment
    4. Using Proximity
    5. Learning the tools, panels and menus

    Typography and Illustrator text tools

    1. Intro to typographic terms
    2. Text tools in Illustrator
    3. Stroking text
    4. Outlining text

    Type categories, layers & artboards, brushes & patterns, converting bitmaps

    1. Learning type categories
    2. Using layers
    3. Using artboards
    4. Using 3rd party brushes and patterns

    Branding and corporate identity

    1. Branding a concept or company
    2. Why you should create your logos in Illustrator
    3. Importing 3rd party brushes for use in Illustrator
    4. Importing 3rd party patterns for use in Illustrator

    Intro to bitmap graphics

    1. Introduction to creating bitmap-based graphics in Photoshop
    2. Seeing the similarities and differences between the user interfaces in Photoshop and Illustrator
    3. Learn the various color modes of bitmap files and their uses
    4. Understanding bitmap file resolution and how it is important
    5. Learn the differences in bitmap file formats and which one would be appropriate for your use
    6. How the various selection tools work in Photoshop

    Cropping and resizing images, composing, using channels and layers

    1. The crop tool and resizing images
    2. Saving existing selections into channels
    3. Using selections to create layer masks to edit your images in a non-destructive manner
    4. Make use of layers in Photoshop to compose multiple images into a collage

    Advanced editing of selections, preparing images for various uses

    1. Editing selections
    2. Preparing images resolution and file formats for web delivery
    3. Preparing images resolution and file formats for print delivery

    Retouching and repairing images

    1. Learning the retouching tools in Photoshop

    Using blending modes, non-destructive adjustment layers

    1. Learning the blending modes and categories of effects
    2. Using adjustment layers in your documents
    3. Using layer styles and how to copy them between layers

    Combining bitmap and vector elements

    1. Understanding the differences between vector and bitmap-based images
    2. Using Illustrator files in your Photoshop projects
    3. Using smart objects

Other Information

Cost: $3799 + HST
Duration: 80 hours (4-8 hrs/day)
Grade: 5 to 12 recommended
Enrollment for additional Course or second kid - 10% discount

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