Course Overview

Raising a polite child can sometimes seem like training a bull in a china shop--but it can be done with tips from the pros.

Many of us seem to spend more time eating in front of the T.V. more than we do at the table. There's nothing wrong with doing it this way. But, what happens when you are invited to take your child to a social gathering? When you have exposed your child to proper etiquette and dining skills they are more apt to feel at ease in any and all dining situations.

The Etiquette Program has been designed to provide students with the skills to feel self-assured in any dining situation.

Each session is approximately four hours in length. Topics include:

  1. Greetings, Introductions & handshakes
  2. How to Set A Table
  3. Phone Etiquette & Courteous Speech
  4. Eating Tricky Foods, i.e., Cherry, Tomato Without Making A Mess
  5. Receiving and Accepting Invitations: What Does It Mean To RSVP?
  6. How to Be Seated and Seat Others At the Table
  7. Table Conversation-What Do I Talk About At the Table
  8. How Much Do I Tip the Waiter/Waitress
  9. Dress: From Jeans to Tux
  10. How to Write a Thank You Notes

Workshop Objectives

  1. Provide students with definitions of values, ethics and business ethics
  2. Develop an understanding of how values and ethics are acquired
  3. Develop an understanding of the relationship between values and ethics
  4. Provide students with a process for making decisions
  5. Give students an opportunity to examine the role of ethics in the decision- making process
  6. Provide students with the opportunity to explore the application of ethical values to career fields and jobs

Other Information

Cost: $399 + HST
Duration: 4 hours
Schedule: First or Third Saturday (2PM-6PM)

For More information please call us at 1-647-748-7770 or Email us at: