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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if tutoring is right for me or my child?

People who request tutoring from Whizkids do so for a variety of reasons. Many of our clients simply love learning. Others recognize the value of gaining increasing knowledge. Yet others find themselves in a situation in which they "just don't get it" and appreciate the extra help!

Where is the tutoring done?

All tutoring is done at the student's home or or on weekday evenings & Saturdays at our centres at Port Credit Mississauga & Bloor/Yonge,Toronto, or at a location of the student's choice.

What geographic areas does Whizkids cover?

Whizkids offers tutoring in all areas of Greater Toronto & adjoining areas like:
Acton, Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Burlington East York, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Malton, Markham, Milton, Mississauga ,New Market, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshwa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough,Toronto, Unionville, Vaughan

How long are tutoring sessions?

Most tutoring sessions are either 1.5 hours for academic home Tutoring & 2 Hours for academic tutoring at our centres. However, longer sessions are available. For Computers it is usually 3-4 Hrs.

How can I be sure my tutor is qualified?

Our tutors are professionals who love learning and teaching. All of our tutors have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and are well-skilled in the subjects they tutor.

Am I required to purchase a package of tutoring sessions?

Yes you have to purchase one of the packages like Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The rate per hour will reduce if you select more lessons or a higher package. A 10% Discount is offered for the second student being registered at the same time or for the second package for a different subject.

What is the cost for tutoring?

Whizkids offers tutoring at competitive pricing. Please click here to view our rates for diffent packages.

Are there any hidden costs? No.

What subjects are available?

You name it, we have it. We have yet to meet a subject we didn't like! (In the unlikely event that you request a subject for which we do not have a tutor in your area, we will make every effort to find one for you!)

What is the method of payment?

When you register, you are required to pay and this can be done online thru the secure paypal link on our website or you could mail a cheque payable to "Whizkids" at the following address:

920 Yonge Str, suite 802
Toronto, Ont. M4W3C7

What is the normal lead time after I register & pay?

The usual start date is 10 business days but we make every effort to start earlier if possible.

Do you provide home tutors for Computer Learning?

Yes we can provide home tutors for the very basic learning to advanced courses in Information Technology

How are you different than others?

Whizkids is a division of a Key2careers College, a career college offering high end diploma programs in IT, Business & accounting, Digital Media Arts, Industrial Design ,Soft Skills etc.There we understand the importance of a good education & strive to give students the very best.For high school students enrolled with us at our training centres, we provide a free 30 mins session on career counselling

What does it cost?

The rate is $29 to $36 per 1½ hours session. You can pay online thru the secure Paypal link on our website or call us. Credit cards are welcome. We ask payment for 10, 20,30 0r 60 lessons in advance and the rate/hr you pay goes down as you take more number of lessons.

Why not use a tutoring center like Sylvan?

It is so important to choose the best learning environment for the individual student. As you are considering your options, keep in mind some of the differences between tutoring the various tutoring businesses. Tutoring centers such as Sylvan (and centers like Sylvan) use what they call a "prescriptive program". Initially, they give each student a multiple choice test. For each question missed on this test, the student will repeat the concept numerous times using a series of drill and practice worksheets. He or she is then given a quiz on that skill. If the student doesn't pass the quiz, he or she will continue repeating worksheets until they do pass the quiz.
These centers use lots of repeating in an attempt to "drill it into the student's head". Such tutoring centers take a remedial approach. Most often a student will start the tutoring many grades below their current grade level. Using this approach, it may take quite some time for the grades at school to show improvement. Students at these centers will often work in groups of 3 with each student working on a different subject. The learning portion of the sessions in these types of centers often last only 50 minutes, so each student in the group receives on average less than 17 minutes of individual attention form the teacher. Some students may need this remedial type of approach.
A good candidate for this type of prescriptive program may be a student who is simply unmotivated to keep pace with the class they are currently taking even with the support of a professional teacher working one to one with that student. We believe that such students are in the minority. Most students prefer to keep pace with the class they are currently taking with the help of a great teacher. We fill in the gaps for the student as we work to keep pace with class deadlines and help them to be conscious of issues dealing with their personal responsibility for their own education.

Do you test my student?

Testing and evaluations are done at the request of the parent. There are a few simple tests that can be taken at no charge. However, sometimes the best evaluation may come from a consultation with the student's classroom teacher. Students often behave differently at school than at home. For example, it may be very difficult for a particular student to stay focused in a classroom setting. This is a serious problem and may be the actual cause of friction at school for this individual. A problem of that nature is hard to diagnose with a simple paper and pencil test.

How long will my student need tutoring?

Depending on the needs of the individual, a student may take just a few lessons or may continue for a few years. Many students will take two or three one-hour lessons per week for several years. It stands to reason that the sooner a problem in school is recognized and solved, the better. Students are changeable and as students change, we can provide the right teacher, at the right moment for any particular academic hurdle during the student's entire education.

Does Home Tutoring, Inc. do SAT /ACT prep?

Yes. Normally there are 8 one & half hour lessons involved in SAT /ACT prep. Four of the lessons focus on the verbal reasoning portion of the test and another four lessons focus on preparing the student for the math portion of the exam. (One teacher works with the math portion of the test and often a different teacher is sent for the verbal portion) The cost of the 8 one & half hour hour lessons is $600.00 Lessons can be customized for individual needs. We can also help with many other standardized tests.

How do I know if my student needs tutoring?

Usually, the first sign a student is struggling at school is when a report card arrives home. The grades may not be as high as the student and parent had hoped. By this time the student may have already begun to lose confidence in his or her ability and to lose self- esteem. Parents may even notice undesirable changes in the student's general behavior or attitude. These may be signs the student could use some extra help with school.

Will the tutoring improve my student's grades at school?

Tutoring is often the answer to better grades, better confidence and a greater sense of well being at school. Tutoring provides your student with the time and resources that many teachers, despite wonderful intentions, just do not have. Private tutoring can provide insights into the basic skills a student may have missed.
A student is more likely to ask questions or to listen carefully to a concept being explained in a private lesson. Often, grades will improve quickly and dramatically. The time it takes for these improvements to show up in a grade at school varies with each individual student. Our teacher helps the student find workable test taking strategies.
We make every effort to see grades improve quickly. We also work on listening skills, study skills and various strategies the student might use between tutoring sessions. It is important to remember that it is much easier to keep up than to catch up. Please call us as soon as you notice your student needs help.

Under what conditions will the tutor come out to our home for a lesson?

In most cases the teacher will be able to come directly to your home for the 11/2 hour lesson. The lesson must be able to take place in a quiet atmosphere that is relatively free from disruptions. An adult must be at home during the lesson.

How are the lessons conducted?

In most cases our teachers are able to provide direct to your home service. The tutor will provide 11/2 hour of one-to-one instruction. We generally use the same textbooks and materials that are being used in the classroom and work at the same pace as the classroom teacher, spending additional time on topics your student needs extra help mastering.

What kinds of teachers are available?

The variety is endless. Some of them are full time teachers who may also tutor one or two students. Some are retired teachers. Some are raising young families. Some are new University/College graduates while others have had many years of experience. All have outstanding qualifications and are outstanding individuals. We select the best teacher for the individual student. The teachers in our group are delighted to have the opportunity to work with students in a one to one setting. Much can be accomplished working this way and teachers experience great satisfaction in seeing his or her student bloom.

How many days a week will my student attend a tutoring session?

Most students attend one to four sessions per week, depending on individual needs. A student may start with two or three sessions per week until they are closer to grade level and then may take only one per week.

What age groups do you work with?

All ages from pre-K through college

How long does it take before I can get a first lesson?

It usually takes only 10 business days to have a first lesson. Sometimes we are available on even shorter notice.

How do I register my student for tutoring?

You may visit our website www.whizkids.ca, click on "pricings" and then "home tutoring" to select the package and then click on "Enroll Now". You can also call us at any time for more information.
We normally schedule lessons during the hours between 6.00 pm and 9:00 pm on weekdays and between 10AM to 3.00PM on saturdays . We choose a time that is convenient for an adult to be at home during the lesson. We make every effort to make the time of the lesson very convenient for you.

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