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Year after year we continue to offer children, ages 5 - 18, supplemental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, phonics, computers, soft skills and related areas. The positive encouragement of our staff and certified teachers combined with individualized instruction, is what we believe sets us apart and continues to make our program a success.

The heart of the Whizkids learning system is our customized curriculum of more than twenty clearly defined skill levels and hundreds of short assignments spanning material from preschool all the way up to college. With each assignment, your child advances in small, manageable increments. OUR TEACHING METHOD is aimed at instilling student's interest and confidence, cultivate positive study habits, guidance through systematic learning materials as well as a tailored study plan for each student. Our main goal is to help children succeed in school by reaching their full potential. Adhering to this one basic principle, Whizkids has grown, but the focus has always remained the same.

We are the only Tutoring company which focuses on the overall development of kids, on three main areas as below:

  • Tutoring for Math, Science, English, French, and Music.
  • Computer Training - Computer Hardware, Basic Computer Skills, MS Office, HTML, Designing Websites, Creating Video Games, Programming.
  • Soft Skills: Focus Training, Critical/Lateral Thinking, Leadership, Time Management, Communication Skills.

For College / University students we provide tutoring in very specialized areas like Calculus, Matlab, Maple, MathCAD, Mathematica, AutoCAD, Pro-Engineer, Catia, C, C++, C#, VB.Net etc.

Tutoring is done at our centers for grade 11 and 12 or in your home. Students do daily or weekly lessons combined with tutorials, worksheets, exams, holiday revision classes and more.

Whizkids removes the mathematical barriers that prevent students from discovering a cure for cancer, designing an airplane, heading up a major company, traveling to Saturn as an astronaut, or designing a computer operating system. None of these goals are possible without a strong math background. So dream on, and let Whizkids be your guide.

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